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‘New deal’ to boost economy

The Prime Minister has set out government plans to deliver a post-lockdown economic recovery, with a promise to accelerate £5bn worth of spending pledges on a range of infrastructure projects across the country.

During a speech delivered at the Dudley College of Technology last month, Mr Johnson promised to “build, build, build”, in order to soften the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked on the UK economy. Although on a much smaller scale, the plan aims to emulate the New Deal policies of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, which increased the state’s role in the US economy in order to aid recovery from the Great Depression of the early 1930s.

Among the projects included within the Prime Minister’s £5bn investment plan are: £1.5bn for hospital maintenance; more than £1bn to fund a schools building project; £83m for maintenance of prisons and youth offender facilities; £100m for road network projects and between £500,000–£1m for each area in the Towns Fund, earmarked for improvements to parks, high streets and transport.

The Prime Minister also unveiled a range of reforms designed to streamline the country’s planning system which he said would encourage building, speed up projects and provide better value for money. These changes to the planning rules will be implemented by September.

Mr Johnson stressed that the government needed to respond quickly, in order to support jobs. In echoes of a Conservative General Election manifesto pledge, he promised to “level up” the economy to ensure all parts of the country would benefit from future economic growth.

Further details on the government’s ‘Project Speed’ economic recovery plan were later outlined by the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, this focused largely on jobs and training.

Quilter Economic Review,  June 2020

We were really impressed with the speed with which you processed the mortgage and the great rate of interest!

Dani & Geoff, Stratford upon Avon

We were really impressed with the speed with which you processed the mortgage and the great rate of interest!

Dani & Geoff, Stratford upon Avon

The company is first class, discriminating, intelligent, utterly trustworthy and dependable

Maurice, Swansea, March 2017

Thank you for putting together an investment portfolio of cash, stocks, shares and property.

Geff, Newport

My critical illness policy covers everything I need and took into account my lifestyle and income - thank you!.

Teresa, Llanelli

Daniel never let up and his tenacity was commendable. I was kept informed of our mortgage progress at every stage.

Louise, Swansea

Dan cut through the jargon and was always there to respond to my questions; his work has helped my dream of buying a house come true.

S & K Jones, Swansea

Wanted to say thank you so much for all your mortgage help and advice over the past few months, you've been brilliant!

Dr Brazier, Liverpool, Sept.2016

My mortgage needs were not simple to deal with, but Dan’s knowledge and experience really shone through. He was professional in his dealings with me and explained everything to me in a clear and concise way, ensuring I fully understood the mortgage product I purchased.

P Davies,September 2019

Daniel went above and beyond to help us with our first mortgage. He explained the mortgage, its rates and terms very clearly, he was extremely patient and professional, we would highly recommend him.

Fi Davies, August 2018

We would just like to thank Dan for all his hard work on this, less than simple, purchase. From the very beginning of this project Dan has shown great professionalism, excellent market knowledge and delivered customer service far exceeding any reasonable expectations!

C. Windsor, March 2019

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