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Retirement Planning

We can help you plan by ensuring you have the best pension scheme possible now and at retirement


With so many choices, leave it to us to help make your money work harder for you.


We can support your business development plans with advice on growth, restructure and commercial lending

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.


Individual Savings Accounts (ISA/NISAs/LISAs)

An ISA is not an investment in itself, but a ‘wrapper’ that shields you from paying income tax or capital gains tax on the investment or deposit.

You can usually change the investments you hold within your ISA wrapper if you wish. An individual can contribute up to £20,000pa  into an ISA now called a NISA, the amount contributed can be a mixture of Cash or  Stocks & Shares with no restrictions to the overall weighting. So you can have £20,000 in cash or £20,000 in stocks and shares or any combination of the two to suit your needs. 

You are able to transfer existing ISAs to other providers without affecting your ISA investment limits.

Lifetime Individual Savings Accounts (LISAs) are designed to help young people to save flexibly for the long term throughout their lives. 

These work in conjucntion with existing ISA products and be simple for savers to us.

People under 40 can open a LISA and contribute up to £4000 per year.

The Government will then provide a 25% bonus on these contributions at the end of the tax year. 

Find out more by downloading our LISA guide here.

ISA Transfer Analysis Service

Most people accumulate a number of different ISA plans. Yet maintaining separate plans is often complicated - and may lead to lost investment opportunities, exposure to undue risk and higher costs.

Cosgrove Brown Financial Planning Ltd can complete a full analysis of your ISA funds.  The service includes a full review of your existing ISA plans, identifying any funding gaps and agreeing the right investment strategy for you for the future. The outcome of the review is to strike the right balance between making it easy to manage and keep track of your ISA(s) while keeping the costs under control. It will also help you to consider whether you could benefit from improved charges, from access to more appropriate investment strategies and if it would simplify your administration.

The tax advantages of ISA’s are that they shield you from paying income tax or capital gains tax on the investment or deposit. 

Investment Bonds

Sometimes referred to as insurance bonds, investment bonds are single-premium (i.e. lump sum rather than regular) savings contracts issued by life insurance companies. They offer you a simple and, if used correctly, potentially tax-efficient investment that can help you maximise your income.

Open ended investment Company (OEIC)

These funds can mix different types of investment strategies such as income and growth, and small capitalised and or large capitlised businesses.

A type of company or fund in the UK that is structured to invest in other companies with the ability to adjust constantly its investment criteria and fund size. These are open ended, which means that they can adjust the amount of shares in the fund by either issuing or eliminating shares. When shares are issued, the fund receives money and invests it. When eliminating shares, the fund pays out money from the fund.

Wrap Accounts

A wrap account can bring together all of your investments - including shares, bonds, cash, investment trusts, unit trusts and pensions - under one roof. They can also bring together the various tax wrappers such as ISA’s, and self-invested personal pensions (Sipps).

Wraps (wrap accounts) also allow investors to buy the funds of investment managers across the whole market. This means that, provided you choose a wrap that offers a personal pension, you can mix and match anything you like within that personal pension (subject to pension investment rules) rather than being limited to traditional pension products.

Tax treatment varies according to individual circumstances and is subject to change. 

Dan cut through the jargon and was always there to respond to my questions; his work has helped my dream of buying a house come true.

S & K Jones, Swansea

Daniel went above and beyond to help us with our first mortgage. He explained the mortgage, its rates and terms very clearly, he was extremely patient and professional, we would highly recommend him.

Fi Davies, August 2018

Thank you for the excellent service and advice given, you made my journey hassle free and tax efficient, and now very profitable

Steve Allan, March 2018

We would just like to thank Dan for all his hard work on this, less than simple, purchase. From the very beginning of this project Dan has shown great professionalism, excellent market knowledge and delivered customer service far exceeding any reasonable expectations!

C. Windsor, March 2019

Gary provided excellent advice and assistance with a complex purchase. He understood the timescales and sourced lending when others could not.

James, Swansea

The service at Cosgrove Brown really has been first class. Not only was Dan, the Mortgage Broker, friendly and relaxed, nothing was too much trouble for him. He seemed to go above and beyond in helping where he could. He really took a lot of pressure off me in what could have been a really stressful time. I would 100% recommend Cosgrove Brown, the service was exceptional and really good value for money too.

H McGillivray, February 2020

It was so nice to find someone who was happy to listen to all of my questions and concerns before we agreed on a plan of action.

Christine, Swansea

We were really impressed with the speed with which you processed the mortgage and the great rate of interest!

Dani & Geoff, Stratford upon Avon

Daniel never let up and his tenacity was commendable. I was kept informed of our mortgage progress at every stage.

Louise, Swansea

Thank you for putting together an investment portfolio of cash, stocks, shares and property.

Geff, Newport

Dan cut through the jargon and was always there to respond to my questions; his work has helped my dream of buying a house come true.

S & K Jones, Swansea

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