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Five questions to ask your financial adviser

It’s essential to do your homework before committing yourself. The relationship between you and your financial adviser is a vital one, and it could make the difference between a comfortable retirement and a penny pinching one.

Just as you wouldn’t choose a builder without finding out about them first, you should check out your adviser before committing. Here are some questions to ask.


  1. How and what do you charge?

Different advisers charge in different ways and many provide a free meeting up front. Find out if they charge by the hour, or by specific project, and whether they will charge for ongoing advice in the coming years. Don’t be afraid to talk about specific figures. You need to be completely comfortable with the charging structure.

 2. Do you have many clients like me?

Some financial advisers focus on particular types of people, for example those who have a specific level of wealth, the self-employed or those with NHS pensions. If your adviser usually deals with the wealthy and you have modest means, that doesn’t make them a bad choice for you. Check that they have dealt with similar situations before.

 3. Do you have additional qualifications?

Financial advisers need to have a certain amount of training and must engage in continual professional development to keep their qualifications. Taking extra qualifications, especially in areas relevant to your finances, can show that the adviser is likely to be switched on to new ideas.

 4. What’s your investment philosophy?

Getting a good adviser “fit” can often depend on philosophy and style. Your adviser is duty bound to invest your money in line with your own risk appetite, not his or hers, so finding an adviser who thinks like you about goals, volatility and comfort can help you to build a rapport and be happy with the suggestions he or she makes.

 5. Can I check your credentials?

Yes. Unless you have found your adviser by word of mouth, an adviser’s own website may be informative and also detail any affiliations, but you can also check online that they are on the Financial Services Register to ensure they are regulated and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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This article by rosemary Bigtmore first appeared in the Telegraph in partnership with Quilter Plc. Investments may fall as well as rise in value and you may not get back what you put in.


It was so nice to find someone who was happy to listen to all of my questions and concerns before we agreed on a plan of action.

Christine, Swansea

I had the best possible products tailored for me. I appreciate how much time you have saved me.

Karen, London

Dan cut through the jargon and was always there to respond to my questions; his work has helped my dream of buying a house come true.

S & K Jones, Swansea

Daniel went above and beyond to help us with our first mortgage. He explained the mortgage, its rates and terms very clearly, he was extremely patient and professional, we would highly recommend him.

Fi Davies, August 2018

Daniel never let up and his tenacity was commendable. I was kept informed of our mortgage progress at every stage.

Louise, Swansea

Straight forward information and easy to follow progress, being able to see everything via the Old Mutual portal is excellent. Stress free from start to finish and such a good feeling about who is best at looking after my financial future.

Phil Harmer, April 2017

My critical illness policy covers everything I need and took into account my lifestyle and income - thank you!.

Teresa, Llanelli

Thank you so much for obtaining our mortgage, for persevering for so long and not giving up on us. We will be eternally grateful that we can finally live in the family home again.

Rebecca and Darren, Swansea 2017

Thank you for the excellent service and advice given, you made my journey hassle free and tax efficient, and now very profitable

Steve Allan, March 2018

My mortgage needs were not simple to deal with, but Dan’s knowledge and experience really shone through. He was professional in his dealings with me and explained everything to me in a clear and concise way, ensuring I fully understood the mortgage product I purchased.

P Davies,September 2019

Wanted to say thank you so much for all your mortgage help and advice over the past few months, you've been brilliant!

Dr Brazier, Liverpool, Sept.2016

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