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Cashless society – a worrying prospect for many

As society fast becomes cashless, a recent review has called for extra safeguards to support the cash infrastructure in the UK8. A significant number of people and businesses are still reliant on cash transactions on a daily basis, and it is feared that the move towards an entirely digital future would negatively impact over eight million adults in the UK, who would struggle to cope in a cashless society.

There have been calls for Parliament to hand extra powers to regulators and introduce rules forcing banks to provide suitable access to cash for customers.

8 Access to Cash Review, March 2020


Doubling of Junior ISA allowance

There was welcome news for young savers in the Budget with the government announcing the JISA allowance was to be more than doubled from £4,368 to £9,000 per tax year.

JISAs replaced Child Trust Funds (CTFs) in 2011, but those who hold CTFs will still benefit from the increased allowance. Both JISAs and CTFs are a tax efficient way to build up savings for a child. They can be opened for any child under 18 living in the UK and the money can be held in cash and/or invested in stocks and shares.

The child can manage the account from age 16 and at age 18 they can withdraw the money if they want, when the account otherwise becomes a normal cash or stocks and shares ISA.


Unused services cost Brits £25bn a year

New research2 has found that the typical adult spends £496 per month on regular commitments, but £39 of that accounts for services that aren’t used. The most wasted outgoing is for gym membership, with 12% saying they pay for it, despite not using it.

Other unused services include redundant mobile phones and streaming services. The survey found 38% of Britons review their direct debits and standing orders only every six months, one in 10 check them less than once a year and 2.6 million (5%) admit to never checking them. Why not make this part of your financial spring clean?

2 Nat West, 2020

Straight forward information and easy to follow progress, being able to see everything via the Old Mutual portal is excellent. Stress free from start to finish and such a good feeling about who is best at looking after my financial future.

Phil Harmer, April 2017

Dan cut through the jargon and was always there to respond to my questions; his work has helped my dream of buying a house come true.

S & K Jones, Swansea

Daniel never let up and his tenacity was commendable. I was kept informed of our mortgage progress at every stage.

Louise, Swansea

It was so nice to find someone who was happy to listen to all of my questions and concerns before we agreed on a plan of action.

Christine, Swansea

I had the best possible products tailored for me. I appreciate how much time you have saved me.

Karen, London

The service at Cosgrove Brown really has been first class. Not only was Dan, the Mortgage Broker, friendly and relaxed, nothing was too much trouble for him. He seemed to go above and beyond in helping where he could. He really took a lot of pressure off me in what could have been a really stressful time. I would 100% recommend Cosgrove Brown, the service was exceptional and really good value for money too.

H McGillivray, February 2020

Thank you for the excellent service and advice given, you made my journey hassle free and tax efficient, and now very profitable

Steve Allan, March 2018

Wanted to say thank you so much for all your mortgage help and advice over the past few months, you've been brilliant!

Dr Brazier, Liverpool, Sept.2016

The company is first class, discriminating, intelligent, utterly trustworthy and dependable

Maurice, Swansea, March 2017

Daniel went above and beyond to help us with our first mortgage. He explained the mortgage, its rates and terms very clearly, he was extremely patient and professional, we would highly recommend him.

Fi Davies, August 2018

Gary provided excellent advice and assistance with a complex purchase. He understood the timescales and sourced lending when others could not.

James, Swansea

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