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Conscious investing

Conscious investing

Date: 21 October 2022 | By: cosgrove

Recent research7 has found that the war in Ukraine has prompted investors to become more vigilant about where their money is
being invested, looking at conscious investing.

Over half (54%) of those surveyed feel they have become more conscious of capital allocation in the wake of the conflict, regarding their investments through a more ethical lens. Four in ten respondents are considering conscious investing, investments aligned with their moral
values as a direct result of the invasion.

Investors demand accountability
A report8 about the direction of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in the months ahead highlights the rising pressure that corporate boards face to demonstrate they are adequately equipped to understand and oversee such ESG issues as climate change, human rights and social unrest.  Pressure on boards to brush up their ESG credentials is set to intensify as investors demand accountability from the top and heightened focus on sustainability.

Our ESG offer

With a focus on sustainable and ethical investment, our system is based around companies that Quilter Financial Planning have pinpointed around the globe, which help to provide solutions to environmental and economical issues. All of this is key towards achieving a cleaner economy with a higher rate of efficiency and helping support a growing economy within a reduced carbon-based environment.

This strategy boasts a large array of ethical investments which helps us to pinpoint environmental and socially responsible funds, which are related to your own specific values and help you to consider conscious investing.

It is focused on three key values:

FOCUS – on organisations which provide positive environmental/social impacts

EXCLUDE – Specific organisations funds or practices

ANALYSES – Specific social, environmental and governance

We understand that it is a personal choice to select a specific investment, which aligns with your personal ethics and opinions.

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