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A life worth looking after

A life worth looking after

Date: 21 June 2022 | By: cosgrove

You have a life worth looking after. Life insurance provides valuable peace of mind that your family or other  dependants would be financially protected if you were no longer around to provide for them.

There are an estimated 3 million people in the UK living with cancer, rising to a predicted 3.5 million by 2025; 7.6 million people are living with heart and circulatory diseases and stroke strikes every five minutes*. Few things in life can provide more peace of mind than having a secure financial future.

As a minimum, it’s important to ensure you have enough cover to pay off your mortgage, as this is likely to be your household’s largest single outgoing. It’s also worth reviewing how much other debt you have, such as personal loans and credit cards. Consider too whether you want
additional protection to cover childcare costs, education expenses or household bills.

Consider critical illness cover
It can be worth adding critical illness cover for an extra premium. This would pay out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with an illness or condition listed on the policy.

Protect your income
Income protection can replace a percentage of your salary if you can’t work due to an accident or illness, helping you to keep up with financial commitments until you recover.

Time to face up

A typical non-smoking couple in their 50s  have a 28% risk of being unable to work for two months or more before they retire; a 13% risk of suffering a critical illness; 5% risk of death; 35% likelihood of any of these events happening**. In this unpredictable life, accident or illness can strike at any time – whatever your age – so it’s worth thinking about how you or your loved ones would cope should the worst happen.

You have a life worth looking after. Life insurance provides crucial peace of mind that those we leave behind won’t suffer financially, while Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover are a vital defence against loss of income and serious illness

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