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Time to think about your remortgage options?

Time to think about your remortgage options?

Date: 2 March 2022 | By: cosgrove

Even in a world of low interest rates, don't pay over the odds on your mortgage; it's think about your remortgage options. It is easy to end up paying thousands more on your mortgage if you forget to remortgage when your fixed rate, variable or tracker deal approaches its end.

This is because you will automatically be placed on your lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR) when your deal ends, which can be 2% to 5% higher than the Bank of England base rate and much higher on average than current fixed mortgage rates. By comparison, data at the beginning of December revealed that the best five-year fixed rate for remortgagers was just 0.99%5

Never remortgaged?
Despite the potential savings, nearly half (49%) of homeowners have never remortgaged their property,
even though they had been making repayments for over 13 years on average6.  This is according to a survey from Barclays, which also revealed that nearly a third of the respondents didn’t understand what an SVR is.

Don’t lose out
Recent analysis7 suggests that a homeowner could save over £5,000 across a two-year period by
remortgaging from their lender’s SVR to a fixed rate deal. It's time to think about your remortgage options. Take a look at our Guide to Mortgages and Protection to get a feel for our service and how it will make your life, your mortgage loan and your move, easier for you.

We don’t just deal with the ‘high street’ lenders – we offer a home and buy to let mortgages  review service that is representative of the whole of the market. We can source funding from smaller, niche lenders and the newer challenger banks. We can help with equity release loans and find more competitive refinance re-mortgage rates.

If you’d like assistance in assessing your own remortgage options and potentially cutting your monthly repayments, get in touch.

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